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Dave O.
Fri, 30 Dec 2022

Win 1 Year Free Enlightenment Transmission Access

Enlightenment Transmission is always ready

Register by email to enter now. If you do not have our email address, then use our contact-form.

Enlightenment Transmission brings peace beyond understanding, healing, self-realisation and saves lives.

I am so excited, that I am holding myself back from winning a full year’s supply of FETA (Free Enlightenment Transmission Access) - possibly for only a few minutes work.

I would enter just for fun.  Evangelising for Enlightenment Transmission is real and so satisfying. You have first chance to win big: full  Enlightenment Transmission access, blessings and community.

Big prizes are being awarded for introducing newcomers to Enlightenment Transmission through third-parties, such as: online interviews, videos, podcasts, email lists, social networks, reviews, forums and online meetings.

Even more incentives: Free live public events, videos and podcasts will result, and OshanaCredits and discounts are being given away to newcomers!