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Dave O.
Mon, 9 Jan 2023

Freedom from Spiritual & Mental Slavery

Entry to a life of profound, joy, meaning and purpose.

Living spirituality is a profound and unshakeable sense that things are either deeply right or wrong, which can lead to right action in thought, word and deed.

Unfortunately, the mainstream masses have had their inner compasses so harshly suppressed that even to contemplate being different, by being true, creates such paralysing paroxysm of fear that they are forever trapped in stifling mental loops and rationalisations. Like fish out of water, their mouths move, but no words are heard. Instead all is bluster. Virtue-signalling on auto-pilot. No one is home. Messages are returned to sender. The heart cannot be found.

Whether that’s you, or others around around you, it’s unpleasant to awaken to witness the cold insanity of people without soul or humanity. It’s disturbing enough for some unsupported awakeners to consider themselves mad. But this is not delusion. It’s disillusionment. The glamour of society’s spectacle has lost its glitter and power to seduce. Imagine a life without electronic entertainment and media. Some have described it as hell, whilst others, heaven.

How can two human beings be so different in their basic views, relationships and desires? In this case, the cause is the illusion that has been pulled over everyone’s eyes: the inner cinema screen that rarely, if ever, switches off. The price of entry to this fiendish illegitimate peep show is to be drained of one’s life-force energy, power and autonomy in order to fund its maintenance.

As soon as they were born, everyone you know was inducted into this soul-destroying addiction. It eventually cannibalises their loved ones. You can’t trust anyone these days.

So, how are you going to get out of this mess, given that you and others are so fully infected? You are going to work together, like chimpanzees plucking and popping each other's fleas. You’ll need a guide, me, to stop it going the same way that it always does, into further ruination.

The road to true spiritual liberation and emancipation is certainly not for the average spiritual seeker who identifies with the sleeping masses. This path is for the very few. If you are a newcomer, you will be assessed before being allowed to get knee-deep in the snow. But if you plough on, freedom will appear before your eyes, and enter all that you are.

We have started intense meetings. In this regard, the related event/replay is True Spiritual Liberation and Emancipation (Gateway).