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Emotions: Uncomfortable, Inconvenient, Unavoidable, Meaningful, Necessary

Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2013, 17:00 EET - 19:00 EET
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Emotions - the power to live happy.


Listen live to the class - in the comfort of your own home.


5pm Helsinki - 3pm London - 11am East Coast - 10am Midwest - 8am West Coast

Emotions are extremely powerful, they can dominate a person's mind, dreams and relationships. Consequently a person may spend their whole life trying to run away, suppress and destroy their emotions. This endless endeavour has spawned a succession of pseudo-spiritual psychotherapy groups which instead of helping their clients, harm them by causing more suffering.

To avoid this suffering it is necessary to understand the purpose of emotions. Emotions can destroy or build a human life, it all depends on the relationship to the emotions.

Emotions are like combustible gases, volatile packages of energy, from which useful work or destruction could result. Emotions arise as intelligent helpers, like angels from heaven, to enable the soul within the human body to complete their mission.

Emotions are seen as inconvenient by a person's false identity, the ego, because they do not fit within its agenda, self-image and timetable. An ego which is at war with the emotions has developed habitual ways of suppressing emotions and avoiding emotional situations.

Once you pierce the protective veil, erected by the ego, around the emotions then you will be able to mine beneath the depths of the 'unconscious' to recover and enjoy the deep and rich tapestry of meaning which the emotions reflect in dreams, language and sensation.

Having understood, and finding peace with, your emotions your life can return to being rich, harmonious and exciting.

Join me during this live online class as we gaze upon the inner emotional world with a deeply profound and respectful esteem. Be sure to email questions and concerns which you have in advance of this class, you may pleasantly find that your questions are both invisibly and explicitly answered.

Note: This is an audio class which can be listened to on most computer systems. Prepare yourself by reading the Orientation which will be emailed to you upon booking. Lecture starts about 5:15pm (Helsinki time). Oshana Consciousness CD music (with Oshana quotes from 2002) starts playing at 4pm (Helsinki time) before class and at approximately 6:20pm (Helsinki time) the music continues after the lecture. Please arrive early if you are new, on a new network or need technical support. Total talk time will be a minimum of 1 hour.

Technical advice (most listeners do not need to know because they unknowingly have it already configured): Flashplayer needs to be installed and Port 8464 needs to be open on your network. iPad is currently unsupported for audio streams because Apple blocked Flashplayer but you can request the MP3 replay download of this class

An Enlightenment Transmission class is a jump into the unknown, far beyond the mind, to experience a life without limitation.

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