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Beyond The Form of the Spiritual Student Teacher Relationship

Date: Sun, 9 Jun 2013, 17:00 EET - 19:00 EET
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Enlightenment is the ability to appropriately be themselves in each and every moment.

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Form is overrated. Like the mind’s focus, it is fleeting. Only space endures.

The mind gravitates towards formal definitions and practices because it cannot focus on space, which is finds seemingly filled with nothing. But another part of the seeker is attuned to the formless – finding it ever-fresh and full.

The spiritual student-teacher relationship is a formal ritual that begins when the labels ‘Enlightened Teacher’ and ‘spiritual seeker’ are applied. The form of the spiritual student-teacher relationship is irrelevant; what matters is what is delivered. To give a more concrete example, while fish are fleetingly concerned with the forms of other fish, they constantly need the formless sea to feel secure, know their identity and survive.

The authentic ‘spiritual seeker’ and genuine ‘Enlightened Teacher’ have gathered together not to enact some age-old religious tradition but to transact energies that are only appropriate to the present moment of uniquely configured existence. The spiritual seeking phase is over and the seeker has arrived at Enlightenment when they have been tweaked and recalibrated to be appropriate to each and every moment.

Worldly concepts that govern student-teacher relationships are inappropriate and irrelevant to the spiritual interaction called the Spiritual Seeker-Teacher Relationship. I have adopted the terms ‘Enlightened Teacher’, ‘Spiritual Teacher’ and ‘Enlightened Spiritual Teacher’ for the purpose of search engine categorisation. However whenever you meet me, you should erase these concepts from your mind so that you do not project them onto the real-time situation.

If you have been led to me by the Enlightenment Transmission, as many of you have, it’s the Enlightenment Transmission that principally benefits our meeting. What is said or enacted is peripheral and of secondary value.

When we meet as a group, there is no ritual or hierarchy. We are here to discover what brings us together – a causal reason that I know to be the Enlightenment Transmission, which means that the Enlightenment Transmission is working with you outside of teaching events.

Instead of seeing group teaching events as a gathering of a teacher and students, see them as spiritual peers enjoying the opportunity to be with their own kind, share, swap stories and relax.

This online class will explore these themes to enable spiritual seekers to reassess their identity and behaviour as ‘spiritual students’ and to cull anything that is irrelevant or ineffective. These ideas could potentially revolutionise the concepts that govern the current spiritual seeking scene.

To enter this brave new world, join me in ‘Beyond The Form of the Spiritual Student Teacher Relationship’.

Note: This is an audio class which can be listened to on most computer systems. Prepare yourself by reading the Orientation which will be emailed to you upon booking. Lecture starts about 5:20pm (Helsinki time). Oshana Consciousness CD music (with Oshana quotes from 2002) starts playing at 4pm (Helsinki time) before class and at approximately 6:30pm (Helsinki time) the music continues after the lecture. Please arrive early if you are new, on a new network or need technical support. Total talk time will be a minimum of 1 hour.

Technical advice (most listeners do not need to know because they unknowingly have it already configured): Flashplayer needs to be installed and Port 8464 needs to be open on your network. iPad is currently unsupported for audio streams because Apple blocked Flashplayer but you can request the MP3 replay download of this class

An Enlightenment Transmission class is a jump into the unknown, far beyond the mind, to experience a life without limitation.

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