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Personal Guidance

Enlightenment One-to-Ones Online

Consciousness is your birthright, Enlightenment your being

Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays (Jan 11 2023 - Mar 15 2023)

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Currently, the best days for One-to-Ones  are Thursday or Tuesday, though Wednesday and Friday are also possible.


Nowhere to hide as you hear and feel your hidden designs explained in personal meetings.

*Lower rates for recent regular meeting attendees*

These interactions boldly go where no other teacher or psychologist has ever gone before, into the nooks and crannies of your being to highlight the unseen work of your Ego and the miraculous benefits of Enlightenment Transmission. Remarkable, exceptional, insightful and unforgettable.

Experience being held and supported by the Enlightenment Transmission as your spiritual life naturally expands to the unlimited awareness that you are

A personal spiritual One-to-One allows you to get closer to fully knowing of who you really are. It is a meeting with a fellow seeker who became a enlightened finder. It is a celebration of the mysteries of life. It is a way to regain your true centre in times of confusion. Most of all it is an integral part of the spiritual path: meeting with one who is enlightened.

Focus on your spiritual needs

In a One-to-One you have the opportunity to focus on your spiritual needs, questions, issues or simply what ever you want more of. You might not even know. The One-to-One is here to make clear your process, and how to move beyond apparent blocks into unimaginable areas of awareness and fantastic states of freedom.

You also have a chance to experience the Enlightenment Transmission in a quiet environment. Talking, meditating or just being - this is all possible in Oshana One-to-One.

For spiritual seekers

One-to-Ones are especially for suitable participants of Oshana group teachings and online classes and provide an added dimension to the teaching. Issues which for one reason or another were not raised or addresses in class can be brought to the One-to-One, and even very different requests, for silent sitting, for example.

One-to-Ones are also available to those who have had some contact with Oshana in the past but who cannot regularly attend because of distance (and phone ones-to-ones are also possible).

Spiritual seekers who have not attended Oshana Teaching groups may also be able to come to a One-to-One but are advised to understand how Oshana teaches by reading some webpages, and listening to free audio samples, watching Enlightenment Transmission YouTube videos, and writing about their goals in advance.

One-to-One Structure

One-to-Ones should be booked in advance.

Special times are sometimes available but never on group teaching days.

When you book please specify your availability times and dates.

If you have never met Dave or attend a public event then a few questions will be asked to ensure that you understand what a One-to-One is and are ready for it.

Regular  participants receive discounted prices. Recent participants are eligible for a price freeze.

These are the basic lower rates for November newcomers:

Online One-to-Ones by Zoom or in Finland are minimum 130€ (plus sending fee, if any) per hour.

Online One-to-Twos by Zoom or in Finland for couples or families are minimum 160€ (plus sending fee, if any) per hour.

One-to-Ones by long-distance phone and internet telephony may include or phones charges.

Preparation is required. A One-to-One is a personalised energetic interaction and journey and so the conditions are vital for health, safety, sanity and optimisation.

* One-to-Ones fee may when travel is involved or sessions are under 1 hour.

*Zoom is a free and popular app. No fees for usage.

Further Info

Zoom, Skype, Mumble, Jitsi or Phone

Zoom and Mumble are easy to install and use.

Sliding Scale: 1 - 1€
1€ (Concession Price)