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Love’s Currency

You came to love but how?

Date: Sun, 18 May 2014, 17:00 EET - 19:00 EET
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You came to love but how?

I’m going to ask the same question that I’ve been asking over the past few weeks, which is “What did you come here to do?” Predictably the word “love” will make an appearance in some answers. “Love” has a warm, fuzzy feeling but how do we practically achieve it? And if we are to question everything, what does “love” really mean? Is it the ultimate goal of your life?

I’m going to suggest that “Love” is the name of the project that you came to Earth to be involved in. But not love as you know it.

My mother taught me early that “there are 101 ways to show love”. I’m not sure that I figured out even one way until my mid teens, when I discovered a platonic, compassionate, charitable form of serving others – a kind of community-minded feeling, which contrasted later with intimate, personal love. Should I “serve one or the many?” I wondered. The usual teenage existential, philosophical angst!

The problem with words, and in particular with the word “love”, is that it gets hijacked. The solution is to make the word your own by defining it. To give away this right is to lose the power over your own mind and life course.

In this live online class, I am going to encourage you to find out what love is. You will find out how your life’s mission intersects with and is enveloped within “love”. You will regain the power and meaning of the word “love” to empower all of your days.

Love is not what you think it to be. It’s an ever-present reality that waits for, guides and directs you. Love is what you came here for, but not Love as you ‘know’ it.

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