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I Can't Believe It's Not Sex

The sublime and unknown purposes and methods of spiritual lovemaking.

Date: Sun, 9 Nov 2014, 17:00 EET - 19:00 EET
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Sex is sex. Except when it’s not.

Sex is another area of life which is not seen, used and enjoyed for what it is. Being ignorant of sex has the same disastrous consequences that misunderstanding any area of life brings, be it food, exercise, relationships or fully expressing yourself and living your life.

The best way to understand sex is to stop thinking about it and just become aware. Repeat this mantra ‘sex is sex’. Don’t add anything to that meditation. Don’t bring in old concepts. And have no future concepts.

Sex is as much a highly contested, much fought-over area in spiritual circles as it is in ordinary social circles. Anyone who wants to twist their mind with a myriad of dos, don’ts and recommendations will find themselves on a spectrum somewhere between the maxims of “don’t do it, don’t even think about doing it” and “do it, do it and do it all the time, everywhere and with everything that moves and breathes on God’s green Earth.” Few can manage either extreme and some will die trying in awful and hideous accidents of amour, which will eventually get made into an artistic movie.

One of the worst places to be is to have any idea about sex, but the most hellish place of all is to have two or more contradictory ideas about sex. Those ideas will set up a negative feedback loop; an unstable oscillation that will either dampen the strongest libido or unleash a tsunami-like wave of passion and sexual addiction that engulfs a person’s life and burns everything in its path. To be a ‘man of the world’ means to know these things – a bit more than a few variants of the missionary position.

We are not here just to get down on it or jiggy-jiggy with the doggy position, but we are here, literally here on Earth, to taste the sublime aspects of lovemaking without the constant imposition of black and white underwear images from the Mad Men of Madison Avenue.

Spirituality and sex get further mixed up when one compares what TV evangelists, Indian gurus, Buddhist monks and so-called tantric teachers really do as opposed to what they say. I was going to call this class ‘It’s Not Sex’ in late memory of a supposedly celibate Indian Guru who had ashrams in America and India. He built a secret passageway between his living quarters and the women’s sleeping accommodation. After finding a willing or docile subject, he would place her on a table and hoist her legs up onto some kind of medical-like contraption. After inserting his reportedly flaccid penis he would continue to rock back and forth for an hour with blissful abandon. When eventually questioned he exclaimed ‘It’s not sex’. This guy was a forerunner to Bill Clinton, which just goes to show that the hallowed halls of power in the material and spiritual worlds practice the same jiggery-pokery and word games. Chances are this messed up state of affairs has trickled down to most spiritual seekers and created confusion.

But it got me wondering if there is ‘sex which isn’t sex’. It’s a controversial claim. In fact, it got me wondering if sex has some reason other than babies, bonding and relief. And furthermore is lovemaking just about kissing, caressing and eye-gazing or is it much more? And why are these areas not explored in schools and churches but left to the porno industry?

Before you explode with curiosity, click ‘book this class’ and feel the relief of knowing that this Sunday you will get answers to these questions that you’ve probably always had but never thought to ask.

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