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How to Get Enlightenment Transmission

Hint: You need to change your thinking.

Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2015, 17:00 EET - 19:00 EET
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To the soul, accessing Enlightenment Transmission is like a thirsty man’s ability to drill and drink water from a well. Without It you die, but with It you live and enjoy living. And it’s never too soon to learn how to get It. In fact, you are several lifetimes too late. So in this life, before you die yet again, why not give yourself the gift of 24/7 Enlightenment Transmission?

I am not talking about endless Enlightenment Transmission MP3s but rather, accessing the raw, live and full-on Enlightenment Transmission with no mediation and no interface – just you and the Enlightenment Transmission – the energy that powers and organises existence.

To get this access, you need to turn everything that you ever believed in on its head. Indeed, turn yourself on your head and let everything fall out because who you think you are and how you think about spirituality will have to go out of the window. Forget about the Teacher-Student relationship. Don’t think of yourself as a spiritual seeker. Instead you are that being who is about to discover itself. Listen to ‘How to Get Enlightenment Transmission’.


Before I had even lifted my first glass of spicy non-alcoholic glögg to quench my thirst, emails started trickling in declaring an excited interest in a new and as yet unannounced season of live online Enlightenment Transmission Teaching classes. As the trickle grew, the emails became imploring and insistent, delivering a basic message: ‘We want Enlightenment Transmission!’

Was this the first time Christmas failed to deliver on its promise of peace, love and understanding? Is the Enlightenment Transmission really so difficult to find in a time of plenty, idealistic lip service and twinkly tinsel?

I wanted to take a few days to recharge between Transmission Teaching seasons, so I put the emails to the back of mind. Big mistake! In my reality, an undelivered email will simply turn up in my dreams. Nothing can be ignored. Everything persists.

The Enlightenment Transmission is associated with a medley of positive physical, psychological and spiritual breakthroughs and experiences. And so it’s natural that that those who have experienced the many benefits of the Enlightenment Transmission will hungrily clamour for more.

It follows that to avoid any future festive deficits, the all-important questions are answered: How to Get Enlightenment Transmission? Can the Enlightenment Transmission be bought? Is it capturable? Can it be traded? How is it to be acquired? I have invited my students to steal my Enlightenment, so can the Enlightenment Transmission be stolen? I will be answering these questions in this class.

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