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Lying: The Insanely Inflammatory Virus Destroying the Energetics of Humanity

Lying Energetics: major cause of death and disease

Date: Sun, 5 Apr 2020, 19:00 EET - 22:00 EET

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Going straight into the eye of the hurricane, the painful needle in the vein of humanity, with practical advice, demonstrations and practice in moving energy: a fully pumped, locked and loaded lesson in dealing with the pain of perpetual ancestral deception.

Watch the 3 hours 25 minutes (including startlingly effective clearing exercises) Video Replay? Email stating availability times (or else use contact-form).

Lying Pain Energetics Participant Feedback

“Best ever release.”

“Comforted, warm inside, deeply relaxed. Breathed, felt, released. Great talk.”

“The most mental enjoyment of all I have attended. Change in personal feelings/awareness. Benefiting greatly, secure/calm center allowing exploring without fear or attachment to outcomes.”

“How to optimally manage one's energy. Deep messages.”

“Sleeping, so picked up energetically: lying is a lazy continuation of my ancestral false me that disrespects life and is actually a ’gift of death’ to another.”

“It’s been amazing how all of these events have been evolving as we go - like painting a picture which is all coming into focus.”

See also: Jay Ho's blogpost (part summary, part self-expose): ‘The Dark End of the Rainbow: Horsley Comes Clean as Oshana Gets Down & Dirty

. . .

Lying kills, in so many obvious ways (disinformation, cover-up, imprisonment and murder), but in this online event we focus on the non-obvious: the unseen energetics of lying that can go undetected, get under your skin, make your blood boil and start a cycle of rage, heartbreak and despair.

Lying kills trust, resulting in no one ever resting, always having their guard up and being forced to accept, promote and create lies. How can you develop immunity, disinfect yourself and not infect others?

We will go into the heart of this matter, into the disease that has plagued mankind for aeons, causing strife, discord and wars. Natural immunity is essential to explore further. I will teach you immunity and much more.

For a quick  introduction to some of the themes covered in this upcoming live online event, read: ‘Infected! The Socially Engineered Virus That Can Destroy Your Soul’.

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