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Cascading Chains of Ecstasy

A deep, essential and powerful core process

Date: Sun, 10 Jan 2021, 19:00 EET - 22:00 EET

Enlightenment Transmission Precision
Nature's Way

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This event expands the new foundation of energy, feelings and concepts introduced during the New Year with ‘This Mystery, Our Life’ (highly recommended for replay) with practical insight and approaches, especially the "baby mind".

2 hours 22 minutes. Note: Video is a mixture "gallery view" and "speaker view" modes.


“That was really so excellent. I wondered afterwards if I would ever do or make anything as good as that.”

“I cannot express what a profound experience Sunday’s event was. I really think it was best experience and lecture that I had in many years or possibly ever so far.

Not only that everything you say makes a lot of sense and is true but also the experience that I had during your talk was something very special. For example, when you talked about removing the constrains of mind from our feeling, I felt like a hot wave came on me. That was amazing, really. As if the concept that you were talking about, was understood at a very deep level.

Is it really possible to do energy work like that online? Seems that it is :)

These practices you were talking about are so useful and needed at least for me, for all other people I am sure too. I will try to practice the body relaxation and the last stage of energy work you were talking about.

So just thank you!
This time I also felt something else, like a big kindness coming from you, this feeling that you want truly to help us. Of course, I know that you do, but there was this feeling of it, as a very kind intention.”

“It felt very complete in its communication and elucidation, like a multi-harmonic chime.”

“I loved the concept of baby mind / body. Also useful was detecting the correspondences in body holding and sticky mental patterns. Wearing the mask gives us the freedom to have idiot face amongst others.”

“I just noticed that you are planning to intensify the experience of goodness this upcoming Sunday ‘Multiplying Goodness’. I don't know of anything right now that could be better than that. Thank you, and thank you for the past Sunday experience. Only after experiencing the shoulder massaging effect in the feet (although I believed to feel the massaging of the right shoulder in the right foot and left - left) I could be receptive to your input.”

“I feel something very nice but I can't explain it. I'm sure it's related to the class. It's kind of in my head, less in my body. It feels spacious? That's the best word I've got.”

“More than once you were describing a direct match to what I experienced last week.”

“Just to say thank you for the session on Sunday.”

"). After I felt I had done/was doing energy work, but with no physical effort or practice (though I think I may start doing shaking, sweeping & standing again). I feel much more connected to support and staying out of my mind when attending your classes weekly.”

More feedback will be added to event page: ‘Cascading Chains of Ecstasy



Cascading Chains of Ecstasy’ is an experiential journey continuing the New Year's mysterious process.


The modern body-mind comprises of a series of locks which act as "interrupts". Our aim is to catalyse a cascade of spontaneous unlocking which then naturally becomes an "information highway" for ecstasy flow.

Core Process

This is a deep, essential and powerful core process.

Empty Mind Phenomena

When our minds are empty, the phenomenon can appear.

Highest Energy-Work

This is the highest skill level of the Oshana Energy-Work Method which, after much cleaning and strengthening, becomes completely customised to the body's exquisite and exacting requirements.

Newcomers Welcome

The concept and the feel should be introduced to newcomers so that they can naturally experience, understand and find it because one day it may appear in all of its glory.

See you Sunday

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