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Be The Blessing

Distributing goodness, transforming humanity.

Date: Sun, 31 Jan 2021, 19:00 EET - 22:00 EET

Be The Blessing
Be The Blessing

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This event was great, well-attended, highly praised and booked many times for replay. "Blessing" says it all, in so many ways, as you will soon discover.

2 hours 50 minutes approx.


“Feeling blessed - a wonderful event, another 'classic'. Blessing has moved from being a distinct or forced action to a default setting simply requiring nurturing goodness/light within and trust for it to flow. A practice without a practice.”

“I was not there tonight but somebody must have thought of me in a "nice" way... ....i am all loved up.”

“Thanks for the Replays. I picked up something from each one. I developed deeper soul connections with each day. The concept of being a Blessing to others once put into practice is very powerful.”

“Oshana's Blessings made easy: That goodness is the spark of life itself.”

“Going to a DO event is like meeting something vast. I am standing at doorway and the vastness is untangling a thread or two to show the way.

For the way that is shown is the most simplest way possible.

Bending down on your knees to embrace your pet in distress.

Standing before a friend in peace and openness, allowing the universe to work through you in full acceptance of all that a friend brings to life which is why you were friends in the first place because you also bring that same life.

Acknowledging the majesty of an apple.

Acknowledging the glory of creation.

Acknowledging that each one of us are 100% pure unadulterated living blessed magic and nothing else.”

“A small sync..

Last week l received communication from someone who sincerely thanked me for listening to them on their unusual story and not making them feel like a weirdo. It seems that this was very meaningful for them.”

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In cooking we create tasty meals. In Blessing we distribute goodness and transformation. Humanity needs Blessings more than ever so that we can return to happiness, health and a (w)holiness with nature.

Blessings are coming your way this year. In this live online Blessing workshop, I aim to explain how and why these Blessings are coming:

  • Where Blessing exists?

  • How to access Blessing?

  • What makes Blessings hard to find and access?

  • How Blessing can go deeper when words and concepts are not involved.

  • What happens during Blessing?

  • What is the opposite of Blessing?

  • How to become a channel for constant Blessings?

  • Why humanity needs Blessings.

  • Tuning into Blessings for individuals, groups and humanity in the present moment and across timelines?

  • What Blessing affects.

  • What affects Blessing?

  • Practical examples of Blessing.

  • A Blessing lifestyle.

Note: You will receive Blessings from our group's energy field, even if you do not attend. By attending you will understand why and how Blessing is happening and be part of the change and transformation.

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