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Meeting Truth in the Mystical Realm

Commune beyond language, mind and conditioning

Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2021, 19:00 EET - 22:00 EET

Access Primal Goodness
Meeting in the Mystical Realm

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Praised as the best event ever, an "illuminated manuscript". Covers in great detail the practical aspect of repairing and divining truth in the nervous and perceptual systems.


Praised as the best event ever, an "illuminated manuscript". Covers in great detail the practical aspect of repairing and divining truth in the nervous and perceptual systems.

3 hours 11 minutes


“One of the most essential Oshana events I have attended in over ten years. Here’s a secret for you: You have to first imbibe Dave’s goodness and then exude it yourself to ever really know it.”

This energy level is contagious. Harmonizing nervous system, synchronizing with universal, human & personal. Subtle changes, being a channel of goodness, blessings & positive interactions.”

Way more fantastical than I can describe. Higher than usual pain suddenly became healing, a lightning storm inside. A bit jerky, popping bones to adjust, eventually body relaxed and the light became neon green, a correlation of nerves from crown to sacrum (like a river delta of simultaneous firecrackers) where the flow focused.

“My body found so much relaxation from the replay. I was falling off into the most weightless easy sleep toward the end but it was in and out of listening and visualizing inspired ideas for the future. At one point it felt as if something literally released from my head, like a wave of something took weight off and left from being attached. Was pretty cool. Felt other body sensations drop away or release as I was letting my body drift to relaxation.”

“Felt like I was being presented with a window into my true self that’s coming up from my subconscious.”

“Sunday was again like a flash of light allowing us to get in contact with something that we know is true and pure. We all feel it, at least I do and knowing it we have no other choice than absorbing it. Each of the events of this season is like an important step to what we still don't know but we know that it is going in correct direction. Probably because it gives us the experience what is real goodness. I think it should form a course because of the importance of each lecture and that they are very consistent. I think that knowledge that you hold and convey is so deep and fundamental that I would really have a pleasure of reading a book written by you.

One very important experience happened at the end of the event when you were saying why you are doing this and about your wish to help the humanity. I was stunned by the feeling of this deep compassion that you represented at that moment. Hard to explain but as if I experienced seeing the true compassion as they depict in Buddhist books with symbols. And I experienced it live, it was there, you were the essence of love and compassion.”

“You have a calming effect. Body, breathe, goodness, calmness is where I'm at.”

“I felt so much gratitude before this class than any class,  more than ever before.”

“I loved the event. All of this year's events are weaving together and building nicely.”

"Something absolutely incredible is happening to me. Sensations that I don't recall having felt before: absolutely delightful without name or label, simply goodness, a perfect angle, a posed statue of love.
Glittery sparkles fill the room like morning sunlight vanquishing shadows. The feeling comes out in my face, creating something like a flash in the night, like night-vision goggles, then goes dark but the song remains in my awareness."

More feedback will be added to event page: ‘Meeting Truth in the Mystical Realm’.

Also see Jasun’s post-event blog about the honey we create: ‘On the Wings of a Bee: Ecco Homo Naturalis


In the recent ‘Access Pure Primal Goodness’ online event, I taught a natural way to harmonise and balance the nervous system through a seemingly unknown form of breathing and indicated that it could open mystical sight. We will explore this mystical space by first settling in. Eventually we will commune beyond language, mind and conditioning. This is the peaceful way.

The beneficial effects of these changes and experiences will experienced by those who did not attend all of these online events. However, it is highly recommended to attend events live or else to schedule a replay.

7 good reasons to attend:

The Future
Sentient Life
Nothing Else Worked
To Find Goodness

3 inspiring free articles:

The Reset: A Process Not A Teaching

"The Reset" is an actual process of dissolving the human conditioned ego (false identity). You need a real contact, not a spiritual teaching. The Enlightenment Transmission processes quickly and effortlessly.

Foundational Series Video Replays

Request (by email) a replay from of any event from previous years. This seasons available replays include:

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