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Fighting to Live, Experience & Exist

The soul yearns for the deepest truth

Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2021, 19:00 EET - 22:00 EET

To Life
To Life

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This live online interactive event offers a solution to the problem that your nervous system has been taken over, and is beyond your control, unnatural and not life-affirming.

Themes may include:

  • Psyche & protective immunity

  • Truth & nervous systems

  • Reconstituting fragments of inner comprehension.

  • Deep non-verbal communication and human communion.

  • What is human?

  • A return to real and natural.

  • Rebuilding nervous systems.

  • Evading fragile state takeovers.

  • Coherence & replication.

  • All for one and one for all.

  • The ecosystem perils of limited survival.

  • Accessing the experience that is true understanding.

  • What is humanity positively progressing in a real sense?

How ironic that we as a species have come a long way in understanding less and less. Our 'great' educations are not fixing this problem but seemingly worsening it. We require a way that gets down to  the bare metal on which the operating system of our reality runs.

By making this deep dive down below the level of the electrical storm scrambling the  nervous system you will separate your self from the mainstream. Welcome to the minority seeking freedoms that have never been described.

For extra context, read also: ‘Before Homo Sapiens, I Am’ and ‘Confused yet? (COVID-19 Theatre, Obfuscation by Design)’.

Video replays may be booked for viewing at a scheduled time preferably by email or else use the contact-form (send availability times).

The Reset: A Process Not A Teaching

"The Reset" is an actual process of dissolving the human conditioned ego (false identity). You need a real contact, not a spiritual teaching. The Enlightenment Transmission processes quickly and effortlessly.

Foundational Series Video Replays

Request (by email) a replay from of any event from previous years. This seasons available replays include:

This Mystery, Our Life’ –> ‘Cascading Chains of Ecstasy’ –> ‘Multiplying Goodness’ –> ‘The Vision’ –> ‘Be The Blessing’ –> ‘Access Pure Goodness’ –> ‘Meeting Truth in the Mystical Realm

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Online Meeting

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