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A Cure for Insanity (Personal, Relationships and Global)

Are we all to some degree delusional?

Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2021, 19:00 EET - 22:00 EET

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Extremely delicate, detailed and essential exploration of human consciousness, mind, body and reality. Practical, experiential, revelatory. ‘A Cure for Insanity (Personal, Relationships and Global)’ is 2 hours 10 minutes approx


"I was bobbing in and out of sleep, waking to hear summations and important points. I felt so relaxed. Very clear delivery. Essential."

"The last 8 weeks have been wonderful. I feel fired up, full of energy and my health is great. I feel this all stems from the work being done through the various events.

Yesterday’s meeting was really bringing it all back home, to the body. Journeys "into the body" and knowing the body are perplexing for the mind, but something I want to spend more time on."

"Saturday's event was strong for me. I'm starting to understand that "Enlightenment" is just bringing light of awareness into and fully sensing existence through the body.

Advice about breathing, and finding balanced breath, I find profoundly insightful, helpful, and true."

"After over two months I forgot the healing power of the ET. It was worth attending just for the Transmission and for the reminder that relaxing and feeling into my body is the only genuine course of action out of which intelligent actions/decisions can happen. You certainly bring joy to the world, DavO!"

"Felt calm and relaxed. I come to reach that new high consciousness level or receive the new revelation, the next level. Next Sundays event should be called. " The Deeper Journey Within - No Mind or Concepts allowed Entry!" Focus should be on exploring those hidden areas away from mind time or space. This is the real juicy stuff."

"Sunday was a fireball rushing through the air at 100mph blasting me. I was buzzing from the energy the whole class, I felt calm and peaceful and could hardly notice your words. I slept 5 hours and still feel like the retreat feeling when I'm forced to rest by the ET. The free events led up to this weekend especially today being like some kind of intense finale. I value time with transmission.

I can say with certainty that the effects of today haven't landed. I still feel extremely sleepy and will probably sleep through most of the night."

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A deep look at a troubling subject that initially scares the BeJesus out of people but could, like mountain climbing, become a familiar and fun thing to explore – simply because it is there.

What is the dividing line between sane and insane? By virtue of having a mind, contradictory thoughts, incomplete and contradictory facts, crazy dreams, polluted bodies, traumatized nervous systems, conditioned biases, faulty logic, cognitive dissonance, dysfunctional relationships and unhealthy addictions are we all to some degree delusional?

Dare we face the inner storm and look into the eye of the hurricane? Can we love ourselves and by extension each other? Will we boldly venture within instead of cowering at the door, eventually dying of exhaustion?

Insanity like the numerous benign viruses up your nose and the healthy bacteria in your fermented foods is a fact of life on a spectrum. Make friends with insanity, negotiate better terms and navigate reality with ease. Through greater awareness you will not be overwhelmed by insanity but a connoisseur of the most delicious delirious states that life has to offer and indeed a friend to those in need.

If you cannot avoid the common cold then enjoy the burn. Sweat it! A man stuck in a cave of stinky cheese has but one option if he is to live, love and learn: exalted epicurean exstasis! The cure for insanity is to cure it, thereby preserving its best qualities and removing any bad tastes.

Read also ‘Unavoidably Insane’.

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