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Core Energy Healing: Cycles, Still Points and Interconnectivity

The calm in the human electrical storm

Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2021, 19:00 EET - 22:00 EET

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Recover Original Life

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Unusual event from inception to completion; fascinating to witness the Enlightenment Transmission's lively interactive real-time wisdom. Practical experiential revelations that keep on giving long after the. 2 hours 30 minutes session.


“Indeed unusual! In the beginning I started falling asleep sooo deep that I could hardly hear. Then I just woke up, all rested and so relaxed. when you were saying “that is why we get sick, because things get cleared....”. The previous whole I had been sick with flu. When I woke up back to your voice I felt so relieved. Something inside me said that healing was happening, although I didn’t know that healing was in the description of the event (I hadn't read it). I don't mean flu healing but deep healing inside my energy field. Very unique experience... in my chest felt more space and filled with energy.

Remember I was saying that had sleeping problems after events? That's changed. I sleep now really well now after the events.”

“Again, it feels like that meeting was designed specifically for me. I turned the camera off several times because my body started doing spontaneous Tai Chi, limbs sometimes moving gently on energy and other times in uncomfortable but healing stretching, twisting, and spasms that unwound trauma.

Also, during the week leading up to the meeting, I had already been studying and practicing how to find and orient to the center channel!

I don’t know if I can make this clear in a brief paragraph, but I also got a new sense of how to forgive people and understand healthy attachment. It created many questions as it feels whole and healthy, but it’s not what I’ve ever imagined was possible.”

“Feeling grateful to have been brought to this event, and the Enlightenment Transmission in general to hear the pure unadulterated Truth weekly and to orientate myself. There has been an internal shift that my mind cannot perceive and therefore cannot articulate.”

“Perfect timing. Helped a lot to clear stuck energies.

As usual, the energy started working as soon as we decided to sign up and ramped up when we booked. Before the call, all work related thoughts, concerns and worries were no longer there, like they had been dissolved or I was in a field of consciousness which prevented them arising. Many things you said resonated with our experience and situation.

I went into a deep state of peace which I have not experienced for a long time, similar to at the end of your Finnish weekend retreat in 2006.

Realignment seemed to happen for both of us.

The energy before, during and after the call has been working on some the back of my neck, inside my head and pituitary. My shoulders continue to relax and release!

We both slept more deeply than normal and felt refreshed this morning.

The energy continues to work and new channels seem to have opened in my crown that I was not previously aware of.”

“"For the first time I sensed Dave as someone Beingness was speaking through to me and everyone else.
The message/event was gentle and powerful, and something filled me up, is moving inside of me, and slowly causing fine hairline cracks to appear, to what end I don't know yet. Not having the words to express myself, I'll borrow those of two songs that I serendipitously heard today:
I Am...I Said by Neil Diamond
I Am a Rock by Simon & Garfunkel

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Book early to catch the vibe and surf the wave of full self-discovery and absolute freedom. You only have your life to recover in all its fullness.

Can you find the latent still calm core when all around is dynamic motion?

This meeting explores the healing and perceptual effects of core energies that bring into being the body and maintain inner and outer dynamic life systems and relationships within the context of existence.

We conceive of Life as starting infinitesimally small, then spinning  out infinitely: the Big Bang, the expanding Universe, human conception, the double helix, the atom, light, population growth and more.

All interconnected, it spins out from a core. For the mind, the spin can seem too fast, complex or unpredictable to follow, ultimately resulting in an overwhelmed nervous system. However, nature has already provided the still calm centre and natural healing systems that require no maintenance.

This meeting gives experience, practice, descriptions and theoretical understandings of our most fundamental life dynamics.

Book early to get the best effects.

Video replays may be booked for viewing at a scheduled time preferably by email or else use the contact-form (send availability times).

The Reset: A Process Not A Teaching

"The Reset" is an actual process of dissolving the human conditioned ego (false identity). You need a real contact, not a spiritual teaching. The Enlightenment Transmission processes quickly and effortlessly.

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