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What Did You Come From? What Came With You?

What really matters is life that is good versus anti-life which is evil to human existence

Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2021, 19:00 EET - 22:00 EET

Choose Life
Connect to Essential Goodness in Every Moment

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Conception, birth, creation, the beginning of life, natural and unnatural sex, conditioning, dissociation, the end of humanity, the last days of being human, healing each other, subtle means and the beginning of understanding a great mystery this season. 3 hours 7 minutes.


“Ultra-strong, raw, honest, authentic, disillusioning, empowering, centering and deeply clearing experience. I feel rooted in my inner sense of goodness and my mind can't easily make a monkey out of me anymore."

“My nervous system was relaxed. Went deeply into no mind twice.”

“Meaningful, deep, to the point and relevant, bringing together points made in previous events, with no randomness, all fit together like puzzle pieces. Very much felt in step and at peace in an accepting way.”

“Intense, strange, really good, weird, out-there, and as sci-fi as it gets, truth eloquently describing the connection between humans true nature and collective destruction, living from their true nature, connecting to life and existence, and the results being a potential reversal of all the insanity we now experience. Feel so lucky to be a part of this.”

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Updated Theme

This event was originally to focus on the mystery of "entry points into life". However equally important, is where you came from, what has influenced you, what you brought in and whether anything should be done about it.

Were you born happy, healthy and loving or were you born into dysfunction, disorganisation and illness that never resolves?

This is really a matter of life versus anti-life. What is good versus what is evil for human existence. The energetic basis for this discernment is essential for life quality and to avoid the slow roll to human extinction which is now speeding up due to dangerously mandated global policies.

We need to find innate goodness within every natural thing that we breath, eat and touch – to build that goodness with clarity, and to understand and discern what is unnatural and to choose life itself in every moment.

We are here for but a brief moment in time but the consequences will live forever with us in eternity and for future generations.

Become a witness of life, stand with goodness and clean up the human energy field during your available time here.

Original Theme

Rarely do we pay attention to the start and the end of life. Society averts our eyes away from the mystery, majesty and wonder.

In this online event we will explore our mysterious beginnings by focusing on one entry point, and more if there is time.

Feeling and sensing where you have come from and why you are here in this present moment can powerfully reorganise your perspective and assumptions.

. . .

Each live event typically includes recent revelations, experiences and guidance before journeying into undocumented realms of human reality.

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Video: Good Contact Enlightenment (video)
Good Contact (video)

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