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Why is Life a Struggle?

On the Way to Perfection

Date: Sun, 2 May 2021, 19:00 EET - 22:00 EET

Ready to See All?
Ready to See All?

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2 hours 31 minutes. A unique richly detailed joyous journey through life's surreal experiences from conception, to breastfeeding and leaving this world.


“Really wish I knew what was happening  with my body during those “bliss outs.” Couldn’t repeat one word said today. I feel very well rested and refreshed though, which I never do, so thank you!”

“Felt relaxed, as if being combed or brushed through. I was briefly free of something that has been controlling me for the past several years. After, falling asleep, I felt a vivid surge of emotions that almost felt physical.”

“You can be very funny! I appreciate your grounded honesty.”

“A joy again. You have an uncanny ability to tune into people's inner worlds as if you can reach through cyberspace and put your finger on our collective pulses.”

“Intense, joyful, full of inspiration and ease. A lot of goodness and love happening before and after. Thank you for addressing the power of art.”

“Very beautiful. Deeply touching, profound and enlightening - to delve into the psyche and ancestral coding, naturally releasing and cleaning out redundant thought forms, habits and beliefs. My brain feels like it’s had a spring clean and new channels have woken up in that space.”

“Opening up the body to accepting more love with a simple, artful shift in language really worked, as the energy transmission supported a deepening, loving, exploration into the organs and tissues to release stuckness and blockage. Gentle and infinitely loving - ‘natural’.”

“Your exploration of what it should, or could be, to be truly natural and working with Life, is a unique revelation in the way you invite us all to recognise this reality. The experience is alive. It is supporting another level of facing ‘system’ led birth and parenting in new lovingness and compassion to allow healing of these new-into-life traumas.”

“I am deeply touched and moved by the experience and understanding, furthered by watching the video again last night - it brought home the truth of how we shy away from others and ourselves in fear of the system-led self and how it is possible to open up to be uniquely creative and free from this!”

“Strange dreams pulling things from my own or the collective subconscious!”

“Anything that steers more towards goodness nourishes my system in the right way. Learning natural ways to respond to unnaturalness.”

“The suggestion to communicate on a different level through art resonates and helped me understand the past impulse to draw the soul, or to reflect it in a form. It has created a new ’permission’ to explore afresh!”

“Feeling very calm and alive today. The flash mob is brilliant and inspiring, thanks for sharing.”

“Not sure if related but starting to notice how ‘I’ am an imposter carried by ‘my’ body. Odd feeling and observation.”

“Getting more heat of truth and light of awareness to my system identity, resisting to believe it's false narrative. Viva la Extase!”

“Still very fresh in my body. I could feel blocks in my neck and back dissolving as the event went on. It's made me very emotional and a sadness mixed with relief. I was really at the end of knowing what to do. So was an unexpected and much welcomed surprise. I recognise times when my spirit can soar but no one ever affirmed that for me before and said yes that's what it's all about, so today I am so grateful that you brought it. I feel like cosmic energy is being brought straight into my living room every time I join in. It's very handy! Thank you.”

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No matter how much you try, do you find that you are frustrated in reaching perfection, often falling far short?

There has always been something at work frustrating our goals and plans since the beginning of human history.

It’s like a virus. We have started to explore and identify it. If we are lucky, we will understand it soon.

This a complex, sometimes challenging but ultimately illuminating and joyful journey for which you will be exceptionally resourced and rewarded for signing up. It needs no more introduction. Get onboard or be left behind!

Need more info? Read my latest article: ‘Humor Me, ‘Cause I Got Covid’.


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Anyone can apply to participate.

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Let Dave know if you are using and then abstain from intoxicants for a minimum of 72 hours (no mind/mood/nervous system -altering substances). Ask if unsure. Essential prescription drugs are acceptable, but mention them, so that Dave can be aware of possible interaction effects.

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Each live event typically includes recent revelations, experiences and guidance before journeying into undocumented realms of human reality.

Video: Good Contact Enlightenment (video)
Good Contact (video)

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