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What have Men and Women got to do with Each Other?

If you are to understand one thing about life, understand this.

Date: Sun, 9 May 2021, 19:00 EET - 22:00 EET

Ready Insight Man/Woman?
Ready for Mystical Man/Woman Insights?

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This Man/Woman workshop is unique and received excited feedback. The mammal kingdom's division into male and female is as important as The Holy Trinity. We learned what we are supposed to do with being a man and being woman. This replay is for everyone who is truly man or woman enough! 2 hour 29 minutes.


“Essential hugely inspiring masterclass for all males and females. I became aware why my old relationships went wrong and gained a sense of how to keep the current one alchemically magical. It's super-rewarding to keep the position of a loving partner no matter what goes through the other person. I feel confident and trust that this time I have the right kind of woman for me and we can keep the relationship in the course of ever-growing joy and shared ecstasy.”

“Really was so great. So many insights. Explains a lot of what I have encountered during the week, the interplay of opposites, the movement and energy that it creates. Overcoming the tendency to define and relate these opposites into the narrative of my life, leading to the appreciation of the energy itself - life/love/connected/one.”

“Very strange experience. My head was incredibly thick when I arrived. But… I woke this morning with an almost unrecognisable sensation in my body. It feels like goodness is coming to the surface. I could feel it in my torso, knees, elbows and shoulders. Something that's been there all along but haven’t wanted to recognise.”

“Revelatory. Opened a door to a totally new possibility.”

“Last week was the beginning of ET effects manifesting in my life. Stuck issues started to move, creativity poured in, in a totally unexpected forms. And I am very attentively approaching every work issue in an alive and present mode. And I had a vivid and revelatory dreams...”

“The sex talk was necessary for me.”

“Intense double weekend. Sitting here and continue to feel my body relaxing and shedding old energies. The settee has started to become a power spot. I am not sure if we will be able to watch TV without dropping into samadhi.”

“Great topic to dive into, humanity needs so much clarity. Receiving the transmission as a couple was a true blessing. I have no idea what happened but it was very deep and transformative.”

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It's a fundamental question which should already have been answered before dating, relating and mating started. Yet, after millennia of experiences, belief systems and trial and error experiments, not only aren't we arriving at clarity but heading into an apocalyptic cloud of politically-corrected engendered confusion that threatens to obliterate basic sexual distinctions.

It took a man and a woman to create all of this, and it still does. But what is this? Why are there men and women? Why are they drawn together? What are they creating?

In this live online exploration we will dive deeper than any text book or scientific experiment could ever imagine. We are going through the door of the realm of senses, to an Alice in Wonderland reality where everything makes sense. Book your ticket for this unrepeatable ride.

What better subject to ground our reality than the oldest theme in living existence: the man/woman relationship? - It's where we come from and why we are still continuing our dance of life.

You can understand it more deeply than any one has ever dared to take this subject during our live online event this Sunday. Your skin will tingle with excitement as hidden truths become reality before your senses.

Video: Good Contact Enlightenment (video)
Good Contact (video)

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