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Releasing Ancestral Trauma

A Necessary Journey into Life

Date: Sun, 30 May 2021, 19:00 EET - 22:00 EET

A Necessary Journey into Life
A Necessary Journey into Life

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Epic Male Female Intimacy, What Women Know, Sex That No One Seems to Know, Ancestors, Your Birth, Parents Humanity.

Provocative. Controversial. Revealing. Illuminating. Unique. Comprehensive. Original. The Only Solution.

Duration 3 hours 55 minutes.



Yesterday's event was the breakthrough that some of us have been waiting for, for lo, 10 years or more, waiting for you not to hold back and just let us have the holy fire. (Please sir, can I have some more?)”

The definitive Dave event! Four searing, 100% BS-free hours in the Oshana forging fires.

Loved every moment, including the ones I was knocked unconscious. (Wife tried to wake me up to hear them but I was a goner).

It ended on a blessing for us personally, in time with (it looks like) the prayer having already been answered, made the event the icing on an iceberg - the soothing and joyful awareness of being fully & firmly established in life."

“Amazing replay. Experienced physical effects more than usual (clearing of toxins before and after), and a certain here and now lightness throughout. Felt my chest/heart centre trying to open.

Listened lying down, never done that before, and fell asleep for the last hour. Very unusual experience. Still felt aware, and totally engaged, just physically asleep. As it happens, I experienced it as you delivering the teachings and the energy in my kitchen, suitably enough given the cooking imagery you use, to myself and a few of the other was hyper vivid.. Strange.

Felt absolutely exhausted after, fell asleep till evening..."

“A deep trawling and disconnecting of energies connecting to my solar plexus. Amazingly uncomfortable – which was great."

Majestic experience. Articulated all my vague half-ideas about life and love in a compact message. So happy to experience how Enlightenment Transmission is working, and to remain with empty head and bliss yesterday.

Looking forward to whatever is coming. I thought that the next theme would develop into next generations & legacy, and was happily surprised about shame (‘Naked and Unashamed: The Adam and Eve Moment to Which We Must Return’). I experienced an intense period quite recently. All possible shames of all previous years visited me one after another, incessantly, during day, during night, a real invasion. I wasn't able to access them in years of mediation and long annual silent retreats. Mostly about sexual misconduct, lies, deceptions, games, manipulation - that you naively think others don't perceive but they do. Self-harm, self-affliction, self-sabotage, half-conscious, misled in generational darkness, disrespectful towards myself & others. Great theme.”

“I've been a bit unwell, so despite the allure of your events I've not managed to break through the mental hurdle of the 2am starts! (I was particularly entertained by the spiel for the '‘Coming Out Party’' and gave a genuine chuckle when reading it, to the bemusement of my puppies).

I thought you may like to know though, that despite not signing up I awoke bang on 2am this morning, quite clear and vital, and was unable to sleep for at least 90 min. So perhaps I should have attended after all!”

“All my insides and outsides are changed after yesterday's meeting. I want to give feedback but I don't know how. I feel emptied out beyond anything I've known before. I went to the sea last night. My only image today is of a limpet on a rock. Completely solitary, but also part of a group experiencing life in that way, and every now and again feeling the caress of the water as the tide makes its way in. Beautiful amazing work, Dave.”

“Overwhelming, intense, gigantic blast. Overwhelming, intense, gigantic blast. Had to Oshana Energy-Work. Started to retch and vomit, and then cry and cry all that my body is holding on to. So when I asked for some plumbing help to remove some shit...Started to retch and vomit, and then cry and cry all that my body is holding on to. So when I asked for some plumbing help to remove shit...”

“Amazing, epic seminar, that will help me to become a better human being with deeper feeling and sensitivity. Dave's project is to get us to be fully human and fully in the world regardless of how uncomfortable that process is.”

“I try to write feedback, but thoughts go away.”

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Something has dogged the human race, since we dropped out of the trees, left the caves behind –  or whatever were our actual beginnings.

Why, with so much intelligence, technology and resources are we not improving, but perilously exploited – our survival threatened?

That's the puzzle that we are seeking to solve this season.

Our inner vision is the only way that we can journey to the answers,  because, culturally and cognitively, there is a complex firewall that blocks all enquiries and returns them to sender.

Hacking together, we are making unexpectedly rapidly progress.

This week we will discover: how terrible things are transferred down the family line. It sounds awful, but we are going to skate over this and move to a better place. The resulting improvement in life quality will be noticeable, and a sure sign that we are moving on the right path – one that has never been trod before. We are pioneers, only because the Enlightenment Transmission illuminates our way.

This event is much more than an uncovering of trauma: it is a discovery of the mechanism of the cover-up – and a return to the way of original goodness and love.

For more inspiration read: ‘Necessary Journey Into Life: Releasing Ancestral Trauma’ and read about the preceding event  ‘Forever Loving: Essential Male Female Alchemy’ which you may wish to watch as a replay at a future date.

Video: Good Contact Enlightenment (video)
Good Contact (video)

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