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Naked and Unashamed: The Adam and Eve Moment to Which We Must Return

Returning to Paradise.

Date: Sun, 6 Jun 2021, 19:00 EET - 22:00 EET

Returning to Paradise
Returning to Paradise

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Diving deep into male female energy. Relating to family and nature. Recaps and builds on previous meetings. Essential, full, motivational and useful.

Duration 3 hours.


“Very soothing experience. Significant emotional release, strongly felt in the body.”

“Some passing thoughts about the topic of recent meets. Maybe TMI, but f**k it, here goes: ... ”

“I appreciate your comedy, helps break up the seriousness of the topics you dive into.”

“Joyous and impactful. A good blend of critical/corrective and affirmative, the Adam/Eve moment of purity is pressure creating for this Man.”

“Intense. Passing out during listening, affected. Very solid, comprehensive wisdom coming through. Really thinking about my life. Realigning my sexuality, setting straight things broken. Feel sad for those missing true depth, meaning, and purpose of sex, etc. I am lucky yet burdened by the good fortune to share in the wisdom coming through.”

“Recent classes have affected deeply. My relationship to body sexuality resetting quickly in a good way, more about energy than pleasure-seeking.”

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Hidden by taboo and wrapped in shame, our ancestral psyches have become inaccessible. The wracked guilt causes us to believe that we are unfit for life and only worthy of death. Cursed by disease, old age, endless struggle and toil, we lead loveless and lonely lives, even with marriage and family, and are oppressed by our governments. Life on Earth, for the longest time, has been a hellish existence, punctuated by brief moments of joy and visions of a paradisaical future. Wake up, Neo. You are back on the Nebuchadnezzar. The Matrix still exists.

The Matrix is a metaphor for a contagion, a real but non-physical prison that infects the host's nervous system, taking over their senses, perception, dream life and autonomy. Human on the outside, programmed on the inside, having lost all spontaneity, the body starts prematurely dying. Guts, the home of intuition, eviscerated, consciousness captive in the gulag of the mind.

The Enlightenment Transmission has returned you to love, the body, relationship and nature. But in this process where you have been a passive receiver, you must now become an active participant. To do that, you must have no shame. This is the final battle to fully regain yourself. To do it, we have to travel back to the time where it all went wrong. A time hidden by shame and wrapped in a fig leaf. No living person will talk of this - except one. Pray that we can get through this. This opportunity rarely happens in a lifetime. We are breaking through the gravitational field of human culture. The aim is to come out, unashamed, clear seeing, free and fully loving. This is a journey for your body, your entire psychosomatic system and ancestral history. This will be intense, full and fast. It's highly recommended that you clear your schedule of all unnatural things, now.

For more context read last week's: ‘Necessary Journey Into Life: Releasing Ancestral Trauma’ and watch a replay of  ‘Forever Loving: Essential Male Female Alchemy’ and ‘Releasing Ancestral Trauma’.

Video: Good Contact Enlightenment (video)
Good Contact (video)

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