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Living Enlightenment Revisited: Mind-Blowing Discoveries

Because you need to know.

Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2021, 19:30 EET - 22:30 EET

Accessible Personal & Communal Enlightenment
Accessible Personal & Communal Enlightenment

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Enlightenment: what it is and is not. Teaching through body language and example. Trapped energy. Adam and Eve revisited. The Garden, Soil Generations, Rod of Iron, Open Heart Channel, and more...

Duration 3 hours 22 mins.


“Thoroughly enjoyed. Welcomed revisit to enlightenment. Succinctly expressed. I came in a heavy mood, but left light as a butterfly. Never ceases to amaze me how synchronized your talk is with my thoughts and everyday life!”

“Many worthwhile moments lined up with processes I am currently going through. The tight central channel/strip/corridor has been a recurrent thing for me over many years. Making space in the body for the organs felt alive, with expansion and contraction around my heart. Makes me want explore the expressive/interactive dimension of enlightenment further. You sketched daunting yet alluring possibilities for living.”

“Deep excitement and newfound joy started before Sunday's class and has deepened today. I open my chest and feel the unconditional love of ET coming into my chest (the Sunday talk). I feel so close--if I could find some magic door and walk through it so that my grounded feet and circles and open heart could 100% combine with the teaching you gave us Sat and Sunday, it feels like a doorway to enlightenment.”

“First impressions:

On the last Sunday event, Dave didn’t exactly redefine enlightenment but he did describe what happened to him in new, more compelling ways; much more to the pointy point, he embodied it. If there’s such an experience as inspirational despair, then that’s also (on reflection) what I would expect from an encounter with enlightenment on the outside: having to hear ever-deepening wrinkles of the truth, as previously hidden from my own view. Such was my experience of this latest Dave event.

As I’ve said since the start of writing about Dave’s thing, his art is that of imparting profound experiences without generating awe around his personality or being, so the focus stays on the experience and not on Dave. I felt that he took that artistry to a new peak today, by imparting some profound (non-deceptive) knowledge, rich in nuance and precise in specificity.

The points about the energy of the central strip and abdomen, for example, its relation to the boomerang curve of energy as it goes out and comes back in, and how this pertains to male female potential synchronization, hit pretty hard. At the same time, it didn’t impose some sort of slavish aspiration to meet and match such wisdom, or turn it into wilful action.

In fact, the idea of trying to live up to such knowledge did create despair in me: a Charlie Atlas weight bearing down on me (most especially in regard to my marital frustrations). But I have learned over the years that despair can have a positive function, and I would say this was the case here: it was the utilitarian “just let go and let God” variety of despair.

The event struck a highly improbable (maybe miraculous) balance, that between being cognitively overwhelmed about what enlightenment (full-bodied living) consists of (and how far out of reach it seems), and a sense of increased energetic purpose. The implicit invitation of Dave’s delivery is of meeting an inconceivable potential halfway, via an intuitive act of courage—the unexpected capacity to relax in the face of impossible odds, and trust that the spirit within us, will out.

Tl;dr: I have no real clue how to live or live up to the sort of challenge presented (and offered) via these recent unique transmissions; BUT, at a somatic level, my cells are opened, enlivened, and uplifted by sustained contact with a depth of truth and reality that my little mind has until now not dared to face. It is a wonder that I keep showing up, and that wonder is enough.

Following day’s thoughts:

On Sunday, Dave redefined enlightenment, in a viscerally succinct and direct manner that neither paraphrasing nor quoting directly will suffice to convey. Instead, I will try something considerably harder: finding and articulating my own understanding.

Our emotions and other psychosomatic impressions of being alive are stirred up by the external stimuli of everyday events. If we carry anger around from early childhood experiences, for example, things and people we encounter “make” us angry.

In fact, we were already angry and our current experiences are merely making us aware of it. If we attribute the anger to the thing that stimulates it, then we misinterpret both our internal responses and the thing we are encountering, and miss the boat twice.

The loss of our ability to accurately experience both what we are feeling and what is happening to us is equivalent to the generation of a false identity, a parasitical outgrowth that secretes a kind of glue that bonds our emotions and impressions together with the external stimuli, illegitimately.

The habitual, compulsive, and unconscious misidentification of whatever is occurring outside of us as the cause of what is arising inside of us begins early on. It predates the formation of the mind and hence of cognitive memory. Hence we have no choice but to think of (and feel) it as ourselves.

The formation of the false identity outgrowth via these early imprints is akin to a kind of mould (as in cavity, though the other sense of the word fits also). This mould draws every experience we have into its space, and so re-forms everything and makes about ourselves.

It is like an ongoing narration that takes everything that happens “personally,” so stamping our every experience of existence with a name and a number, and filing away in a complex system of identification (deceptive knowledge).

The dissolving of the false identity glue of misidentification and misattribution is the popping out of the mould of an artificial and arbitrarily confining context, and the return of our perceptual experience to its natural habitat, that of the infinite, or Paradise.

This is what Dave refers to as enlightenment.”

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Reviewing 21 years of Enlightened discoveries made during group interactions, private sessions, intimate relationship, family life and being in nature that will radically alter beliefs and perceptions.

  • Becoming whole, free and reborn.
  • Improving our understanding.
  • Updating our language.
  • Sharing our energy.
  • Uncoupling erroneous beliefs.

Video: Good Contact Enlightenment (video)
Good Contact (video)

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