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The Penguin's Push: True Life Begins

Living without Excuses

Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2021, 19:10 EET - 22:22 EET

Accessible Personal & Communal Enlightenment
Communal Enlightenment without Excuses

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True natural, uncontained joy of unbounded self-expression, and intimacy with self, others and nature.
Expressing the light of the soul from the core.
Softening the body armour.
Procrastination masquerading as progress. The purpose of bogus gurus and spiritual teachers.
The purpose of complaining. Not facing the only thing.
Skipping the small stuff to catch the big fish. Not figuring everything out.
Coming from feeling. Not using the mind.
Start living now.
The profound energetic dynamics of Male-Female relationships.
Intergenerational and ancestral issues.
The human beehive principle....

Duration 3 hours 15 mins.


“Hit the point. Literally describing all my struggles. Starting to understand how being in the moment allows me to face terrifying situations, and clearly see a higher purpose in my work to benefit the next generation.”

“Message so simple and clear. Go out, meet people and share energies with awareness.”

“Surreal moment. I fell off the porch.”

“Very powerful, a real cosmic download!”

“Making space in our bodies, awareness, and lives for God to enter the building seems to be the theme of the hour.”

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You Cannot Prepare for the Penguin's Push But You Can Discover...

Travel far beyond the recent Enlightenment Transmission Retreat Revelations to take the essential next step.

Numerous participants have been taken to the edge of the unimaginable by a natural inner inclination. What they need to slide to their divine destiny? A penguin's push!


Event title was previously ‘Enlightenment Retreat Revelations Unpacked and Laid Bare’.

VIDEO: Truth About Spiritual Seeking
VIDEO: Truth About Spiritual Seeking

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