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Healing the Ancient Intergenerational War of the Sexes

World Peace through Sexual Harmony

Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2021, 19:00 EET - 22:22 EET

Enlightened Intimacy
Enlightened Intimacy

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Precise, detailed explanation of the purpose of spirit during sexual intercourse, the activity of sexual energy, satisfaction, progress and aims, energy centres and circulation, male/female energetic needs, soul ascension, planes of consciousness travelling, waves, listening energy, spontaneous movements, channel clearing, sexual confusions, orgasms and ejaculation issues. Countering the inner saboteur. The one ingredient required for Enlightenment, regardless of teaching or support.

Duration 2 hours 53 mins.


“Very powerful, hilarious, enjoyable, hitting all points and more. Sweet energy flowing, touching my heart and knocking me out. Perfectly timed subject matter.”

“Loved it. Went unexpected places: the energetics of sex, exploring merging of male/female energies. Very tangible, non-conceptual and energetically balanced (male/female). Confirmed exchanging energy covered last week.”

“Transmission energy really strong. Slept last hour, continued in dream mode very clearly. Really positive supportive vibe, in line with the event's healing title.”

“Insightful, compact message, seamless, fully talking to me all of the time. I could totally relate. Why is this knowledge is hidden to us?! So incredibly stupid. Or maybe this makes it sacred.”

“The weaving of ET and my process. Intensely calm, peaceful. I guess that is my main feedback. I enjoyed the levels that can get activated when couple has "sex." ”

“Powerfully opened up cellular and cosmic awareness, and somewhere in between!

Insightful, useful and relatable content, helped make sense of other teachings around union while energetically deepening trust in this natural loving intimate meeting of two souls.

All very natural, sacred and real. Events are supporting natural opening of energy and relaxing and more...”

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A profound, rare and deep understanding of male/female sexual intimacy for a healthy harmonious intergenerational humanity. Crucial for everyone, regardless of relationship status.

Essential points for a life of love:

  • Resolving the ancient passive-aggressive intergenerational cold war between the sexes.

  • Developing, exploring and growing infinite love energy in the male/female relationship.

  • Safely containing the infinite love energy (macrocosm) in the sexual relationship (microcosm).

  • Penis/vagina: key to accessing unique dimensions of expanded consciousness.

  • Deep sexual intercourse for harmonious energetic health.

  • Ejaculation: spiritual issues, energetic problems and psychological causes (erection/ejection/rejection).

Enlightenment Transmission
YouTube Videos

Worth carefully watching with the volume off to deepen your insight: Enlightenment Transmission YouTube.

Oshana Energy-Work - Pleasurable Flowing Energy from Abdomen - The Building Block for Being Human
VIDEO: Oshana Energy-Work
Pleasurable Flowing Energy from Abdomen
The Building Block for Being Human

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