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Wisdom Eye: Seeing the Space of Being, Possibility, Manifestation and Actuality

Mystical Healing Power

Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2021, 19:00 EET - 22:22 EET

The Wisdom Eye
The Wisdom Eye

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Revealing the experience and value of the Wisdom Eye with expressive insights and understanding about transcendental perceptions, healthy working relating, ancestral issues and healing. 2 hours 20 minutes of motivational sense-making.


“Wonder-filled event!”

“Remarkable things happened.”

“Dissipated by your silent stare into camera: annoying, infuriating and unbearable emotional & postural tension.”

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Therapists talk about "getting out of the way", so that that a mystical healing power can act through them. The issue is their sticky identity.

In this event, we won't focus on the false identity or its sticky-ability, because that leads to the same hypnosis that everyone is stuck within. Instead, we will allow ourselves to see "what is".

We can't see "what is" with the eyes of the false identity, since they are filled with layers of projections. We require the Wisdom Eye. It doesn't belong to false identity, so you might feel that it does not belong to you, but rather it has a divine, transcendental or impersonal quality. It is not separate from who you actually are, but is part of you.

Seeing with the Wisdom Eye is essential for the deepest love, peace, harmony, connection, sense-making and healing. Having tasted these real dimensions, there will be no turning back to fake, unsatisfying substitutes.

Experience the Wisdom Eye. See "what is". Words will become superfluous and unessential. Breathe. Launch in.

Read also recent article: ‘We Are Inexorably Moving Toward Full Transcendental Heavenly Communion’.

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VIDEO: Spiritual Skeptic's Brace Position

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