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My Experience

No thoughts, no words, just sweet silence.



Dave is like no other teacher. Being with and or listening to Dave feels like coming home. I'm not saying this has been an easy experience, I am saying it is a life changing experience one that I would not trade. I first met Dave on Facebook. I didn't really know much about him except he claimed to be enlightened. Like many others I was skeptical. Isn't that something a lot of "spiritual" teachers say. Dave came to Maine a week or so ago and offered a free introduction to him to enligh...

The World Is Not As Ugly As I Had Imagined It To Be.

It was my interpretation. The world does have a lot of LOVE, I have found it.


My Heart And Body Had So Much Heat And Warmth.

Went into a meditation state and lost all connection with material world for 2-days. Only remember wanting to share an amazing feeling of love and compassion with everyone. I wanted them to know love was all that mattered. Material Reality came back and the feeling of spreading love is still there but not as strong as it was. My heart and body had so much heat and warmth. My heart was sending powerful vibes to everyone I encountered. I was able to connect and communicate with a few individual...

How To Hang On

Last night I listened to one of your downloads about how you will get enlightened. I careful listened to your voice and every word. Something about the sound of your voice captures the moment to listen. I was already in a state of calm and my mind was very clear. I began to feel and pull all the energy I could into my body, asking for more over and over again. I went somewhere not feeling my physical, it was like I was floating and I wanting to travel I could feel it. But it paused, I waited ...

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