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Dave is like no other teacher. Being with and or listening to Dave feels like coming home. I'm not saying this has been an easy experience, I am saying it is a life changing experience one that I would not trade. I first met Dave on Facebook. I didn't really know much about him except he claimed to be enlightened. Like many others I was skeptical. Isn't that something a lot of "spiritual" teachers say. Dave came to Maine a week or so ago and offered a free introduction to him to enlightenment transmission. I went not giving it much thought, let me tell you it was not what I expected. I left with my head spinning, stomach churning and an inner knowing that I was going/ coming back for more. I was able to clear three days of my work schedule to attend at least that much of his intensive and wish I could have been there the whole week.

The first day that I attended the intensive, I saw god, I cried and fell apart. The second day it was better, I saw God, I cried and ...more more more. The third day too. It's difficult to describe something like this in words. It is a visceral gut wrenching, amazing beautiful experience. Dave without a doubt is enlightened and his energy is a pure force, one you must experience to understand. His words, his energy and teachings work at bringing you home, back to yourself, the god your are. Today, I had the pleasure of meeting with Dave bearing my soul to this Being who I have known less then 10 days and more than lifetimes.

If you get an opportunity to hear him, meet him I can not encourage you enough to do it. Enlightenment Transmission....you will loose your words and.... it must be experienced.