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How To Hang On

Last night I listened to one of your downloads about how you will get enlightened. I careful listened to your voice and every word. Something about the sound of your voice captures the moment to listen. I was already in a state of calm and my mind was very clear. I began to feel and pull all the energy I could into my body, asking for more over and over again. I went somewhere not feeling my physical, it was like I was floating and I wanting to travel I could feel it. But it paused, I waited and asked for more but I was hanging there. Then my mind began to talk to me and I lost it. Damn it.

Today when you were broadcasting, as the CD was playing I tried to find that place again, I did somewhat and then your voice was there, once again your voice seems to capture my minds full attention. I felt the energy so strong that all my chakras body pulsated, like (embarrassed to explain it this way) a body orgasm. Then total calm feeling, then I became uncomfortable cool and had to get up and get a blanket rather than the sheet I had covering me. I tried very much to get back to that state that I felt last night but could not go there. I am sure that I am feeling it. Thank you so much. Now I have to jump back to the ugly world, my mom is dying and she is 1400 miles away so here I go, back to the ugly world for a while. What a test this will be.