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People Ask Me…...

Friends have asked me what Dave Oshana does; so far I have only been able to attend one online, "spiritual enlightenment transmission".
I don't know what he does, but whatever was transmitted from thousands of miles away, through my computer, put me instantly into a state between asleep and alert.
It gave my ego a much needed rest that released my soul.
He talked for three hours and I have no idea what he said, but I would repeat the experience in a heart beat…. my ego gets so tired of ru...


I have had peak expansive experiences before, but with Dave for the first time I FELT silence. I understood that silence was something, not nothing. Not flatness. Not a lack.
I had always kind of believed that silence was a sort of dull emptiness, or a thick, heavy coldness that blocked out life (sheesh - no wonder I was afraid of it).
With Dave's energy, I Felt silence, and it was warm, nurturing and alive. I felt enveloped in an aware, benevolent expansive space, kind of like being in the...


Thanks David, first time here and just listened to Serve the Transmission, and agree wholeheartedly. Have been blessed many times by the Transmission and understand and have experienced all that you've said over many years. Felt healing during your talk, and we connected. Keep up the good work Soul Brother, you've inspired me to be more vigilant with my Holy Spirit connection.

First Meeting With Dave

After following Dave's online classes for about a year and three Skype one to one, the first face to face meeting was arranged. The venue a park in Central London.

The day was perfect, a warm sunny spring day.

I was calm and relaxed on my train journey to London, thinking what questions to put to him. Few entered my mind, but were they really spiritual questions? Deep down I already knew the answers to those questions. So I decided to let Dave or the Transmission determine the topic of...

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